US-based telecommunications corporation, AT&T, has increased its industry-leading selection of wearables to include six new awesome products. Endorsement by this telecoms giant is a serious stamp of approval for the wearable devices, placing them at the centre of a market that is so saturated that consumers are having a hard time seeing the wood for the trees.

CaseMate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelets

So, what are the wearables that AT&T has seen fit to carry? Let’s take a look.

CaseMate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet

CaseMate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet - CompareSmartwatches.comTreading the line between function and fashion, this bracelet by established fashion accessories designer Rebecca Minkoff marks part of a new wave of wearables. Whilst the first incarnation of wearable devices has focussed primarily on delivering functionality, now we are beginning to see wearable tech for the style-conscious consumer. The CaseMate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet sends notifications to your wrist from your iPhone. It gently vibrates when calls and texts are received from your up to 25 favourite phone contacts, alerting you to check your phone.

Healbe GoBe

HealBe GoBe - CompareSmartwatches.comWe are loving the simplicity and sheer usefulness of the GoBe. Without manually logging any of your meals or activities, the Healbe GoBe tracks your calorie intake and calorie burn. Gathering information from three sensors that measure blood glucose levels and production and fluid levels, the GoBe pieces together an accurate and complete picture of fitness. It gives you stats about your stress levels, sleep quality, hydration, heart rate and blood pressure, to let you know how well your body is getting on, completely independently.


Mio FUSE - CompareSmartwatches.comMore along the lines of your typical fitness tracker, the Mio FUSE gathers a variety of information that contributes to an overall picture of your daily fitness. Using Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ heart rate transmission technology, the Mio FUSE allows you to monitor your progress in connection with popular fitness apps, GPS watches and bike computers. Its patented Heart Rate Technology provides EKG-accurate heart rate monitoring during workouts, and also tracks activity including steps, calories, pace and distance throughout the day. It can track up to 30 hours of exercise data and two weeks of daily activity data, allowing you to see how your day-to-day workouts compare. By tapping the display, crimson LEDs light up to give you your latest stats. For a reasonably affordable $149.99, the Mio FUSE offers a lot of bang for your buck, and for those who are committed to total fitness tracking, it may just be one of the best wearables in its price range.

Misfit Flash

Misfit FLASH - CompareSmartwatches.comRight at the lower end of the wearables price spectrum, the Misfit Flash is a nice, straightforward, easy to use smartwatch. It has some pretty good fitness tracking potential, providing feedback on your activity levels and sleep tracking (which is intelligent enough to know when you’re winding down for the night or taking a nap, and requires no set-up). It also controls your music as well as, well, telling the time. It’s not the most sophisticated wearable gadget out there, but it’s a good entry level smartwatch. You can easily check your progress with the use of 12 LEDs, which indicate how close you are to your daily activity goal. Its battery life is also pretty good, providing power for up to six months without a charge.

Withings Activité and Activité Pop

Withings Activité and Activité Pop - CompareSmartwatches.comWhilst the CaseMate from Rebecca Minkoff keeps its gadgetry pretty simple in the face of fashion, the Swiss-made Withings Activité and Activité Pop are stylish whilst also delivering fitness tracking functionality. The award-winning Withings wearables are particularly understated in a market dominated by futuristic, cumbersome-looking wrist-based devices. With a classic, analog watch face and black French calf leather band, sapphire cover glass and stainless steel case, the Withings Activité oozes sophistication. Waterproof to five atmospheres, the Withings Activité automatically adjusts to changing time zones, boasts a replaceable 8 month battery and 3D motion sensors that track steps, sleep and distance. The Withings Activité is the heavyweight, at $450, whereas the Activité Pop is the more affordable option, weighing in at $149.95. For the lesser price, the Pop still allows you to track your daily activity goals, and has the same battery life and waterproofing as its high-end sister. Both work with iOS7 and above, and Android 4.3.3 and higher.

With such a massive corporation as AT&T behind them, these smartwatches may just be the six to watch out for on the current wearables market. With the face of the wearables industry constantly evolving, we can expect to see these trailblazers making way for the next generation of smart devices before long, but for the moment, these are likely to be the best ones to add to your tech wish list.