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Google wants to add better watch faces onto Android Wear

The main scope of a watch is to tell the time, but as watches evolved, complications were added. These are basically any mechanism on a watch which does something else other than simply telling the time. A few relevant examples include moon phases, date displays, chronographs and more. So far, in Google’s smartwatch universe, we […]

You can now play Half-Life on your smartwatch. Why?

It has often been said that in tech, some things happens imply because they are possible, but because they should, or because they are particularly useful or good.  Such is the example of the latest development that Dave Bennet managed to complete. According to the latest reports, it seems like he has managed to get […]

The top apps for your Apple Watch

Since the Apple Watch has arrived, hundreds of developers from all around the world have begun publishing apps meant to make the experience of owning one of these devices significantly better. With this in mind, today, we’ll talk about some of the must-have Apple Watch apps at this moment in time, what makes them useful, […]

Get to see apps running on the Apple Watch

Although we won’t get to buy the Apple Watch until early 2015, app developers from all around the world are hard at work when it comes down to writing different apps for the smartwatch. With this in mind, more and more people ask themselves how apps will look like. Well, there will be two main […]

LG’s smartwatches to run on webOS

The G Watch and the G Watch R do represent some good attempts at creating a great smartwatch. Leaving aside the fact that the two watches may need some design improvements, the latest reports indicate that LG is currently preparing to launch their own webOS platform for their two smartwatches.   The history behind this […]

Whatsapp releases voice replies for Android Wear

Whatsapp is the largest cross platform messaging application which allows you to message or send images to your friends through the internet instead of using your text allowance no matter what platform they use. Smartwatches have always been able to receive messages, the issue is how to reply. Minnum set to prove that a keyboard will […]

Wikipedia on your smartwatch

Attopedia is an app for Android Wear that allows you to browse Wikipedia on the move via just your watch. Android Wear already comes with a web browser although as the designer of Attopedia explains, “current HTML5 pages aren’t ready for 3cm screens”. Attopedia is different, instead of just showing you the Wikipedia page, the […]

Minuum working on a circular keyboard for Smartwatches

The creators of the Android one-dimensional keyboard have announced plans to create a circular keyboard for smartwatches. Creating a mockup, Minuum have demoed what the keyboard will look like on the Moto 360. It works by alligning the keyboard around the curve of the screen and appears to use predictive messaging, much like Fleksy for […]

Fitness apps running past general apps with 87% faster growth

With fitness watches, improved sensors and increasingly complex applications being released onto the app market on nearly a daily basis it is no surprise that they are growing 87% faster than general applications. In the past 6 months daily usage of these applications have increased 62% according to Flurry insights, although it is still mainly […]

LG G watch may be able to control your LG home appliances

A source from LG who would like to remain anonymous has revealed that the LG G watch will feature their HomeChat service allowing the G watch to communicate with compatible home appliances. We are unsure at time of publication if it will be packaged with the initial release or will be included in a software update, […]