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Fitness Watches

Our opinion on the Garmin Epix smartwatch

Chances are that you’ve already heard about Garmin, one of the most popular GPS manufacturers, with millions of devices sold in areas from all around the world. However, you might not be aware of the fact that they have also made a smartwatch. A very good one as well! Today, we’ll be talking about the […]

Lenovo quietly announces its new smartband

As mentioned earlier, more and more companies from all around the world are preparing to release smart wearable devices. What’s interesting is that while some are preparing large announcements in order to make sure that they get as much publicity as possible, other tech companies such as Lenovo have decided to release their products quietly. […]

Timex to promote its smartwatch in a great event

Timex has recently announced their smartwatch, also known by the name of the Ironman One GPS+. As an effort to further promote it to people, but also athletes from all around the world, Times will actually hold an 800 mile run event which will take 22 days in total. This run will feature more than […]

The Pebble Smartwatch now also has fitness features

Well, we’ve all heard about the Pebble Smartwatch, which is one of the cheapest, but also most interesting smartwatches on the market at the moment. It seems like a new update now gives fitness tracking functionalities, which is an important feature that it has lacked until now.   With this in mind, most of the […]