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British Airways introduces feature to make boarding flights by scanning your Apple Watch easier

Not long ago, with the help of a British Airways application, Apple Watch users managed to board flights with their smartwatch for the first time in history. According to the latest reports, it seems like checking into your flight, by using an electronic boarding pass kept on the Apple Watch will get easier. In fact, […]

Zing smartwatch aims to showcase stress levels

Technology is wonderful, and its wide variety of possible applications in the medical field can help make our lives easier from all the points of view. A small British company has come up with an interesting timepiece, meant to light up whenever its wearers feel stressed, or is washed out at dangerous levels. Such a […]

Samsung to make Gear S2 available to iOS users as well

It’s crucial to agree with the fact that the Samsung Gear S2 is the best smartwatch meant for Android devices. Well, recent reports indicate that the company is working on a new Gear Manager app, meant for iOS. With this in mind, it seems like the awesome smartwatch will soon be available for iPhone users […]

Omate releases its Rise smartwatch, for $200

Numerous watch brand shave decided to give the smartwatch market a shot, and one of these is Omate. Not many people are aware of the fact that this was one of the first companies to go ahead and launch a 3G-enabled smartwatch. While two years have passed since this happened, Omate is now ready to […]

Oxy launches crowdfunding campaign for their new smartwatc

We’re witness to yet another crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign for a wearable today. According to the latest reports, it seems like an UK-based company known by the name of Oxy has launched a campaign, for their exciting smartwatch. Based on the reports which have been issued so far, it seems like the device will be CNC […]

Sony releases the e-ink FES Watch in Japan

At this moment in time, there’s only one smartwatch with an e-ink paper screen that deserves to be called great, and that is the Pebble watch. However, Sony might soon join this market, thanks to their newest creation- a $240 e-ink smartwatch which can last as long as two months on a single full charge. […]

The Voyage smartwatch project was just cancelled

There’ve been some pretty clever smartwatch concepts shown to the market until now, but it’s worth keeping in mind the fact that running a smartwatch start-up can be quite difficult, considering the lack of influence on the market, and the fact that not so many people are looking forward to purchase a smartwatch at this […]

The Movado Bold Motion smartwatch wants to make a bold statement

We’ve seen a couple of daring luxury smartwatches so far, but until now, each had its own smart features, making it worth the price. If you’re not yet aware, last year, HP decided to join the wearables market by coming up with the Chronowing, a smartwatch that was analogue, rather than digital, as most people […]

Oxy releases smartwatch on Indiegogo

At this moment in time, it’s still a surprise to see smartwatches working well on both the Android and iOS platforms. However, seeing a device which also works well with Windows is amazing. Well, the Oxy smartwatch is a rare exception, as it works well with all platforms, and also offers some interesting functions. According […]

The TAG Heuer smartwatch will reportedly cost $1,500

We’ve briefly talked about the long awaited TAG Heuer smartwatch in the past, while also mentioning the fact that it’ll become the only competitor for the Apple Watch, which can also be considered a luxury smartwatch considering the Edition device. According to the latest reports, it seems like the TAG Heuer Android Wear-based smartwatch will […]