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Moochies smartwatch is a neat device, designed for kids

There are tons of smartwatches available on the market at this moment in time, but are there any available for children? Well, the answer is yes. A British company known by the name of Moochies has decided to make its launch into the smartwatch market, with watches meant for children. These devices are designed to […]

The Oukitel smartwatch will be available for pre-order from tomorrow

For those who are not yet aware, Oukitel is an interesting company which creates displays for smartphones, from various companies. However, less people know that the device has also joined the wearables market, with a couple of neat smartwatches, available for a low price, but with lots of potential. The latest reports indicate that starting […]

Pebble Time Round Watch to be available in selected US shops from today

We’ve talked about the Round Pebble Watch in the past, and we’ve concluded that this is in fact a wonderful device, and a great surprise from the Pebble Company. According to the latest reports, it seems like the Pebble Time Round Smartwatch will be available in selected retail stores around the United States from today, […]

Mlais smartwatch appears, and might sport Android Wear

Recent reports indicate that yet another smartwatch has joined the game. A beautiful one as well! According to the latest reports, a teaser for the Mlais smartwatch was just released, on the website of the company. The short preview shows us what the device will reportedly look like, alongside with giving a couple of hints […]

TouchOne Keyboard project aims to improve smartwatch typing

As time passes, smartwatches are constantly getting more and more advances, with tons of new features being added. However, until now, no manufacturer had figured out a smart way of offering smartwatch typing capabilities. Well, the TouchOne Keyboard may actually make smartwatch typing possible. The idea behind it is grouping the letters around the screen […]

Study reveals percentage of US population that owns a smartwatch

At this moment in time, it’s safe to assume that the smartwatch market is still at its genesis, considering the fact that the market is in a constant development, and people are starting to learn about smartwatches and their advantages. A recent report shows that right now, in the US, only 3 percent of the […]

Blocks modular smartwatch closer to release

Initially, when we first heard about the Blocks smartwatch, we were quite puzzled with the idea and didn’t have much faith in it, but it seems like the project has begun taking form, and it now is a great device, with lots of potential. In fact, the latest reports indicate that now, 3 weeks prior […]

Google patent might disable smartwatches while driving

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous from all the points of view, and a couple of safety campaigners over from New Zealand and from the US are currently trying to get legislative approval to ban drivers from wearing smartwatches, whenever they are behind the wheel. Their argument is that smartwatches are reportedly […]

Huawei Smartwatch now comes with two years of warranty

At this moment in time, most smartwatches come along with 12 months of warranty, but it seems like Huawei is planning to change this. Earlier this year, the Chinese company unveiled the Huawei smartwatch, a beautiful device which can easily compete with top contenders such as the Apple Watch, Moto 360 2, LG Urbane, or […]

Try the Gear S2 out in the comfort of your own home

According to a couple of reports, it’ll likely take around another month before the Samsung Gear S2 will be available to purchase by people from a larger number of countries. However, those who are curious and don’t yet have a store that they can go to in order to try out the device for themselves […]