Fleksy messenger has released a Samsung Gear 2 messaging application with built in predictive typing, in what is their attempt to make smartwatches easier and faster and it looks like they have done a pretty good job.


If you were unsure about buying a Gear 2 this may be the push you needed. Sales of the Gear 2 are predicted to rise due to this application showing the importance of apps on smartwatches.

Not only will you be able to receive and reply to messages on Fleksy, you’ll also be able to scroll through previous conversations which sync with your Android phone.

The predictive messaging looks rather effective due to the likelihood of mistyping on the small screen although as with all things predictive, they are never perfect.

There has been no news yet of whether Fleksy aims to create the messaging app on other touch screen devices although since they worked closely with Samsung engineers you may be waiting a while for a similar agreement.

Fleksy commented on the release by saying “We are excited to have worked with the support of the Samsung Gear team to bring an awesome new app to the Gear ecosystem and Tizen wearable OS”.

You can download the application now on Android.