Although we won’t get to buy the Apple Watch until early 2015, app developers from all around the world are hard at work when it comes down to writing different apps for the smartwatch. With this in mind, more and more people ask themselves how apps will look like.watchhh

Well, there will be two main differences. First of all, app developers won’t be able to simply use the same code that is used for the computer or mobile apps. Instead, certain adjustments will have to be made in order to ensure that the apps take advantage of all the smartwatch’s features, in order to be capable of offering a great experience from all the points of view. Additionally, app developers will also have to shrink the app down in order to let it fit the tiny screen that the Apple Watch has, while also making sure that it will look

When it comes down to actually seeing apps running on a smartwatch, nobody apart from app developers have gotten the chance until no. Now, thanks to a couple of renderings, people from all around the world get to see what app developers have to put up with in order to be capable to write apps designed for the Apple Smartwatch while also adding/removing features to make sure that everything works well and that apps are also fluid. There are differences from app to app. While some may require just a few features (Twitter for example which will simply display notifications at first), there are also other apps such as YouTube which will definitely be harder to create, but also to use, as creating a smartwatch app requires developers to keep optimal functionality in mind.

All in all, the pictures showcased show some great examples of apps running on Apple Watch and can definitely allow people to get a better idea of how Apple is planning to revolutionize wearable devices.