lg g watchA source from LG who would like to remain anonymous has revealed that the LG G watch will feature their HomeChat service allowing the G watch to communicate with compatible home appliances.

We are unsure at time of publication if it will be packaged with the initial release or will be included in a software update, however the source said “we plan on using HomeChat service for the LG watch to control smart home appliances”.

HomeChat allow users to control and manage home appliances such as their oven, washing machine, fridge and much more using simple commands such as “start washing cycle”, confirming that the watch will have a built in microphone.

lg homechat

The G watch is expected to include a uSIM meaning that you would be able to control these appliances without being required to be paired with a smartphone.

We recently announced that Honeywell released an application for the Pebble which allows users to control their thermostat. Both of these new applications are set to pave the way to be able to completely automate your home from just your watch.