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The Voyage smartwatch project was just cancelled

There’ve been some pretty clever smartwatch concepts shown to the market until now, but it’s worth keeping in mind the fact that running a smartwatch start-up can be quite difficult, considering the lack of influence on the market, and the fact that not so many people are looking forward to purchase a smartwatch at this […]

The Movado Bold Motion smartwatch wants to make a bold statement

We’ve seen a couple of daring luxury smartwatches so far, but until now, each had its own smart features, making it worth the price. If you’re not yet aware, last year, HP decided to join the wearables market by coming up with the Chronowing, a smartwatch that was analogue, rather than digital, as most people […]

Oxy releases smartwatch on Indiegogo

At this moment in time, it’s still a surprise to see smartwatches working well on both the Android and iOS platforms. However, seeing a device which also works well with Windows is amazing. Well, the Oxy smartwatch is a rare exception, as it works well with all platforms, and also offers some interesting functions. According […]

Disney smart-touch watch project revealed

There are tons of interesting smartwatch models available on the market at this moment in time, and one of them is brought by the folks at the Carnegie Mellon University and from the Disney Research Centre. In case you touch something while you are blindfolded, you are unlikely to be able to guess what it […]

The TAG Heuer smartwatch will reportedly cost $1,500

We’ve briefly talked about the long awaited TAG Heuer smartwatch in the past, while also mentioning the fact that it’ll become the only competitor for the Apple Watch, which can also be considered a luxury smartwatch considering the Edition device. According to the latest reports, it seems like the TAG Heuer Android Wear-based smartwatch will […]

Moochies smartwatch is a neat device, designed for kids

There are tons of smartwatches available on the market at this moment in time, but are there any available for children? Well, the answer is yes. A British company known by the name of Moochies has decided to make its launch into the smartwatch market, with watches meant for children. These devices are designed to […]

The Oukitel smartwatch will be available for pre-order from tomorrow

For those who are not yet aware, Oukitel is an interesting company which creates displays for smartphones, from various companies. However, less people know that the device has also joined the wearables market, with a couple of neat smartwatches, available for a low price, but with lots of potential. The latest reports indicate that starting […]

Pebble Time Round Watch to be available in selected US shops from today

We’ve talked about the Round Pebble Watch in the past, and we’ve concluded that this is in fact a wonderful device, and a great surprise from the Pebble Company. According to the latest reports, it seems like the Pebble Time Round Smartwatch will be available in selected retail stores around the United States from today, […]

Transform your watch into a smartwatch with the Trivoly add-on

Today, we’re going to talk about an interesting accessory that has the potential of turning most traditional watches into smartwatches. In case you’ve been eyeing your friends who have already bought a smartwatch, but don’t really want to make the switch completely, you might want to check out the Trivoly disc concept. To put things […]

Mlais smartwatch appears, and might sport Android Wear

Recent reports indicate that yet another smartwatch has joined the game. A beautiful one as well! According to the latest reports, a teaser for the Mlais smartwatch was just released, on the website of the company. The short preview shows us what the device will reportedly look like, alongside with giving a couple of hints […]