Opera announced that Samsung Gear S users will now have access to a full service web browser, which is quite an incredible feature that no smartwatch has yet as far as we’re concerned. 2

With this in mind, Samsung has actually chosen Opera Mini, the smart web browser which is famous for being able to shrink webpages for the purpose of saving data and power. To be honest, I am actually a bit surprised that Google Chrome wasn’t chosen for this, as the Samsung-Google partnership has been there for years.

The web browser on the Samsung Gear S has some great features including the ability to use different finger patterns for navigating on the browser. When we think about it, the expression of having the entire web at your fingers does indeed make sense. Other than this, users are now also able to easily reach their favourite webpages and even get notifications while using the browser. While I don’t see myself using this instead of the browser on my phone, it is a good addition that any Samsung Gear S owner will get the chance to use from time to time, especially when they wish to do quick searches or read updates on their favourite sites, as the Opera Mini browser offers what has been named ‘a full browsing experience on a wearable device’, which is simply great.

What’s even better is the fact that Opera Mini can also be downloaded for free by all current Samsung Gear S owners, so there will be no additional taxes for you to support. What do you think about having a fully functioning web browser on your wrist? Do you see yourself using it often?