samsung-gear-live-smartwatchDuring Google’s announcement of Android Wear, they also announced two new watches, the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G watch. You are able to pre-order the Samsung Gear Live for just $199, on point with the average Smartwatch price, exactly the price it needs to be to be competitive.

Let us dive head first into the watch’s features. The Samsung Gear Live will come with their standard 1.63 inch AMOLED touchscreen display, the same as the Gear 2. The Gear Live will have a 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal storage, use Bluetooth 4.0 and is water resistant. Samsung are selling their 300 mAh battery as an “all day battery”,  a flamboyant way of saying the battery only lasts 1 day before needing to be recharged.

On the whole the Gear Live is pretty much exactly the same as the Gear 2 with one big difference, Android Wear. This is the reason the watch was released so let us take a quick look at Android Wear on the watch. For a detailed look at Android Wear click here.

As I have written about in other articles on this site, how is it best to communicate with your watch and phone? We know Google Now and Apple’s Siri are so close to being able to replace a keyboard all together and surmised that would be the route Google took with Android Wear. Samsung Gear Live comes packaged with a microphone to be connected with Google Now whenever required. Google Now will always be on, much to the delight of your friends who will constantly be over your shoulder shouting “OK GOOGLE”.

samsung gear liveGoogle Wear will also have changeable watch faces, be able to send texts, make calls, set alarms, control your music and much more. Not forgetting the new fitness tracking, as the Gear live also comes with a heart rate monitor to feed directly into Android Wear.

You can pre-order the Gear Live from the Play Store for $199, dispatched July 7 and it is compatible with any Android device running 4.3 or higher.