We’ve seen a couple of daring luxury smartwatches so far, but until now, each had its own smart features, making it worth the price.

If you’re not yet aware, last year, HP decided to join the wearables market by coming up with the Chronowing, a smartwatch that was analogue, rather than digital, as most people expected. Well, while the model in particular did not manage to score a high number of sales, the newest device of this kind might actually have some potential.


Known as the Movado Bold Motion smartwatch, what makes it truly special is the fact that it does not have a screen at all. Based on this, it is a completely functional smartwatch, with its smart part coming from haptic feedback that it offers, and from a couple of LED lights situated around the device. In terms of its actual look, there’s no denial when stating that the smartwatch looks fairly good. However, its price tag of $695 will definitely raise some eyebrows.

While at this moment in time, users will not be able to take any action when they receive notifications, other than simply being informed, the device does actually function very well, is precise and can definitely be considered an interesting watch worth having, which combines the traditional analogue functions with the smart ones, much like the Cogito smartwatch.

At this moment in time, it seems like the device will be able on both iOS and Android, which is great news for the users of both platforms. It also represents a way of HP to expand its ‘Engineered By’ program, which will surely have lots of success in the coming years, in case the Movado Bold Motion smartwatch turns out to be a success.

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