For those who are not yet aware, Oukitel is an interesting company which creates displays for smartphones, from various companies. However, less people know that the device has also joined the wearables market, with a couple of neat smartwatches, available for a low price, but with lots of potential.

The latest reports indicate that starting from tomorrow, you will be able to order the Oukitel A29 smartwatch, at the price of $70. The main purpose of the device is quite simple- take calls. With this in mind, you will be able to insert a SIM to make and receive calls, directly from your wrist. Of course, you can also sync the device with your mobile phone and be notified of most notifications.


The device also takes an interest in your health, as it comes along with fitness tracking features, which can track the number of steps you’ve taken, number of calories that you’ve burned. Another neat feature is that the device also informs you if you’ve been sitting for too long, while also measuring the time and quality of your sleep.

In terms of its hardware, the device is made of stainless steel, comes along with a 320mAh battery that offers users around four hours of talk time, and around 150 hours of standby time. The watch will officially launch over on November 20th, when it’ll go on sale in stores from all around the world.

To me, the main benefit of this smartwatch is the way it looks. While we’re still not sure how well it functions, its looks seems to be encouraging, so let’s hope that it’ll meet our expectation when officially reviewed.

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