Today, we have some exciting news for all of you who may be thinking about purchasing a smartwatch. The Pebble, which also represents one of the most exciting smartwatches of the moment, has recently decided that a wise business technique would be to actually reduce their prices in order to stay ahead of the competition.1

With this in mind, the price of the Pebble smartwatch was reduced from $150 to $99, which represents $51 in total discounts, which is absolutely great news for anyone who has been holding back because of the price tag. Additionally, the Pebble Steel which is practically the same watch, but made out of steal instead has also received a total discount of $30 which makes it a smart option as well. If you still aren’t sure whether this smartwatch may be a good deal, then you should know that thanks to a recent update, it is now able to keep you updated with what happens on your phone, give you access to a couple of great features, but also works as a fitness tracker so that you can enjoy your life even more. It has always been said that smartwatches don’t currently have the potential needed to represent revolutionary products at the moment, but this doesn’t mean that owning one will not increase your productivity a lot, but also keep you in style and help you solve different issues thanks to the main great features that smartwatches have.

If it continues like this, the Pebble smartwatch may even rule the market in around 2-3 years as analysts have reported. With all of these factors in mind, what is currently stopping you from going ahead and purchasing a Pebble smartwatch right now?