We’ve briefly talked about the long awaited TAG Heuer smartwatch in the past, while also mentioning the fact that it’ll become the only competitor for the Apple Watch, which can also be considered a luxury smartwatch considering the Edition device.

According to the latest reports, it seems like the TAG Heuer Android Wear-based smartwatch will be available in the US, for the price of $1,500, as the CEO of the company, Jean-Claude Biver has confirmed today, to Swiss Media.

Together with this, the company’s CEO also declared that the device will have almost the same features, when compared to the Apple Watch, while also stating that it is bound to remain an exclusive product, meant for those who can afford luxury. The device itself will be announced at the Carrera Connected device over in NYC, today, and will go on sale in Europe three days from now, which is great news.


There aren’t many reports about the smartwatch so far, but data released so far points towards an interesting device, with lots of potential. Let’s just hope that all the hype is worth it, and that the TAG Heuer smartwatch will manage to make an impact on the market and show other smartwatch manufacturers how it’s done. In terms of personalization, it seems like the device will come along with six coloured wristbands, which users can easily swap out.

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