Technology is wonderful, and its wide variety of possible applications in the medical field can help make our lives easier from all the points of view.

A small British company has come up with an interesting timepiece, meant to light up whenever its wearers feel stressed, or is washed out at dangerous levels. Such a device would work great at work, where managers would be able to keep track of how tired their employees are. Together with this, the device would also be great for individuals who work from home, and want to check for how much longer they can keep working at an efficient level.#

The watch was created with the help of various secret algorithms, and is basically consists of a 24-hour activity wheel, which simply lights up on the Zing smartwatch according to how tired, and stressed the wearer is.

The Zing watch also comes along with a couple of customization features, as users get the possibility to add text or photos to the small screen, to help them adapt their work, and find better relaxation patterns that they can start using.

The watch’s creator, Justin Pisani stated that: “Our bodies operate in waves like the 90 minute ultradian rhythm and to feel at our best we need to get a good balance of rest and activity across the day. We often override rhythm with stimulants like caffeine or chocolate which can be effective in the short term which can make things worse. “

By trying to understand our natural rhythm, not only will we, as human beings, be more efficient while working, but we will also get to learn more about ourselves, which is why the Zing watch project is so exciting.

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